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- Most popular model. Cast aluminum frame, 20 ga galvanized blade.
- SE (small end) = standard.
Specify: - diameter A

- Blade slides through to clear passage of debris and prevent clog up. Cast Aluminum casing, 20 ga galvanized blade
- SE small end = standard
Specify: - diameter A

- Fabricated model , 16 ga galvanized steel. Used when sizes are not available in cast aluminum.
- SE (small end) = standard.
Specify: - diameter A

- For easy installation on existing duct simply by slotting the existing pipe. Not as air-tight as full model. Made of 16 ga galvanized steel.
- SE (small end) = standard.
Specify: - diameter A

- Heavy-Duty model. Fabricated of mild steel 1/8" and 3/16" thick. Used for high volume and abrasive dust collecting systems.
- Male-Female connections >> one end=SE (Small end) and the other = EXBE (Extra Big End).
Specify : - diameter A

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